In the last few months, 3 new reviews regarding Myc inhibition and Omomyc have been published by Peptomyc’s scientists.

First, Project Manager Daniel Massó-Vallés talks about Myc proteins as targets for intervention in lung cancer. His review, written along with CSO Marie-Eve Beaulieu and CEO Laura Soucek, is published in Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets.

Then, 2 articles have appeared in the journal Cells. Daniel also wrote here – along with Laura – a comprehensive review of 2 decades of Omomyc research (that has culminated in the founding of Peptomyc and next year’s pending clinical trials) and serves as an excellent guide to how we arrived to this point.

The second article in Cells was spearheaded by Marie-Eve, with help from Laura and former Senior Technician at Peptomyc Fran Castillo. The review is an in-depth dive into the structure and biophysics of Myc, explaining why it has traditionally been difficult to target, and why our extensive understanding of it now gives great hope for its successful targeting.

These articles are part of a special issue of Cells focused on Myc: