Jörg Klumbis is a strategic and operational manager & entrepreneur with more than 25 years expertise in the Pharmaceutical Industry. His wealth of experience includes working as Head of Controlling in MERCK Farma and Química (Spain) and Chief Financial Officer at LETI Pharma Group. There, he contributed closely to the development of a recombinant biotechnological vaccine. Jörg also co-founded AIO Health Pro, a sales & marketing services company providing solutions to the health sector.

His studies include an Industrial Engineer Degree and a PDD (Programa de Desarrollo Directivo).

Jörg commented that he’s “really enthusiastic to be part of the excellent Peptomyc team and support the company in the development of new drugs for the treatment of cancer”.

Laura Soucek, CEO of Peptomyc, wishes to “warmly welcome Jörg to the team” and adds that “Jörg is an essential new asset for the company that makes us all stronger in preparation for the important milestones to come”.