The EORTC-NCI-AACR (ENA) Symposium 2022 in Barcelona (26th– 28th October 2022) has a wonderful collection of posters by Peptomyc and VHIO describing the therapeutic impact of Omomyc in preclinical models and patients from the Phase I clinical trials. #ENASymp22 #cancer

Check them out:

  1. Despite leaps in CRC treatment, KRAS-mutated CRC patients remain underserved. We present new data showing MYC inhibition by Omomyc as a promising approach to treat these cancers: PB058 in session “Molecular Targeted Agents 1”, Oct 26th.
  2. MYC inhibition by Omomyc abrogates melanoma growth and metastases. Poster PB098 (session ‘New Drugs’) on Oct 26thwill show how Omomyc reshapes the transcriptome into expression profiles resembling those of patients with good prognosis.
  3. MYC inhibition by Omomyc is a viable GBM therapy: We present new data on Omomyc efficacy in patient-derived glioblastoma xenograft mouse models, in the session ‘New Drugs’ on Wednesday Oct 26th, Poster board number PB096 (abstract number 106).
  4. First-in-modality MYCi, Omomyc, remains in tumour tissue longer than in serum and shuts down transcription of MYC target genes. Come to discuss the details at PB113, in the session “Preclinical models” on Oct 26th.
  5. Can we attack lung cancer and modify its immune microenvironment? MYC impairs tumour growth and changes the immune response in KRAS-mutated mouse models. Don’t miss Poster PB120 in ‘Tumour Immunology and Inflammation’ on Wednesday Oct 26th.
  6. MYC inhibition by OMO-103 triggers an anti-tumor immune response in NSCLC preclinical models and modulates cytokine/chemokine profiles of Phase I patients. Poster 129 in the ‘Tumor Immunology and Inflammation’ session, Oct 26th.
  7. PARPi and taxanes are standard of care in TNBC but many patients develop resistance. Omomyc synergizes with them, overcoming resistance and offering a valuable therapeutic opportunity. Check it out at ’Combination Therapies’ PB029, Oct 27th.

Come and join us!