In an interview with Anna Leon, Laura discusses her work and the recent publication of a key paper from her lab and Peptomyc (Beaulieu et al., 2019), describing the therapeutic use of a potent Myc inhibitor in mouse models of lung cancer.

She focuses on the financial side of research, talking about the difficulty in obtaining grants, and the success that her lab and Peptomyc have achieved in attaining funding from various funding sources including national and international funding agencies, cancer charities, and business angel investors, but also highlighted the need for continuous funding for long term projects. In particular she mentions the extremely high costs associated to pushing a new inhibitor to the clinic.

Laura ends by commenting that it is important to not fear stepping out of one’s comfort zone, something she has strived to do at each step of her career, enabling her to develop a Myc inhibitor that has shown extremely promising effects in mouse models of cancer and that will be entering clinical trials next year.

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