Developing a Myc inhibitor to treat cancer

Peptomyc is a company focused on the development of a new generation of cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) targeting the Myc oncoprotein for cancer treatment. The company was founded in December 2014 and it is based on Dr. Soucek’s scientific research in Omomyc (the best direct Myc inhibitor known to date) over the last twenty years.

Rationale and market opportunity


Currently, cancer incidence in the world exceeds 18 million cases per year and results in 9,5 million deaths annually. Moreover, such numbers are forecast to rise by 62% over the next 20 years (Globocan, International Agency for Research on Cancer 2018). At the moment, standard therapies include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and, in a restricted subset of cancers, precision medicine. Unfortunately, very often these therapies fail, due to the development of resistance.

Peptomyc has adopted a different strategy based on the inhibition of the oncoprotein Myc, which is found deregulated in the majority of human cancers. Myc holds a non-redundant function in cancer around which tumors cannot evolve, hence targeting Myc is the most promising therapeutic opportunity to date. Although Myc plays a central role in cancer there is currently no Myc inhibitor in the market.


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)